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Tina's Story

I was born on March 31, 1967 in Fulton, MO to Margurett and Girard Doyon.  Within a couple of years, my father’s work took us to Colorado, Tina Kavenwhere I grew up.  I was a middle child with my younger brother Joseph, and big sister Chyrel.  My love of horses started as early as I can remember.  I could always be found playing with toy horses, toy riders, toy horse trailers, and anything that resembled a horse.  I would beg and plead for my parents to get horses out of a pasture that I was certain did not belong to anyone!

 At the age of eight, my dreams came true and my parents bought me a pony. I could always be found with her. I even fed her grain out of an old shoe box! One day and to my complete surprise, I stepped off the school bus to find my pony with a baby appaloosa foal at her side!  I was so excited I raced up to her and the foal. I just couldn’t wait to tell my folks that I now owned two horses. (They didn’t seem to share my excitement.)  But of course, with the birth of that colt, this was the start of my training career. I started him bareback and with nothing but a halter and lead rope!
My next horse, “Leo”, was a two year old unbroke Appaloosa stud that my parents bought for me. They gelded him and then had a trainer put the 1st few rides on him.  It was all up to me after that. Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge quickly landed me in an ambulance headed to the hospital. I suffered a concussion (which included 10 days in the hospital with complete amnesia)- while finding out how fast my two year old could run in an alfalfa field headed back to the barn! Even though it was a bumpy start, Leo became a great horse.  He taught me “what to do” and more importantly, “what not to do”, I was able to apply these hard learned lessons in my training, and in "Life".   Leo became my "sanity", while  struggling through my teenage years. Life was "ok", when I was horseback, or with my animals.

My 4-H and open show career started with me wanting to become a barrel racer! My 4-H leader told me that she felt I should learn my leads before barrel racing. She not only taught me my leads, but proper horsemanship, how to properly take care of my horse, how to show, and much more. I never did make it to barrel racing, (although I did experiment with racing all my friends’ horses.)

I went to my very first horse show with my dad. Just after we arrived and unloaded Leo, he proceeded to tell me how he didn’t think I would do very well against people that really knew what they were doing. He said just enough for me to put forth all I had, and do the best job I could.  Amazingly, I went on to win the All-Around at my 1st horse show! Boy was my dad surprised!  I was grinning ear to ear the whole ride home and that marked the beginning of my show career, and the beginning of my approach to everything in life;  if it was considered too  difficult to accomplish- the more desire I had to make it happen.  I showed Leo successfully for years in the 4-H and open show circuits. When I went to college I gave Leo to a young girl in the 4-H program thinking this was the end of the road for my horse training days.

After high school, I enrolled at Colorado State University and decided I wanted to be a dolphin trainer; nothing could replace my love of animals -so I began my career studying  marine biology. I had no idea that people trained horses for a living! I had never had a trainer, just a few English lessons! One day I saw a sign that said “Collegiate Horse Show” so I went to check it out,  and the next chapter of my life began, I quickly became involved in the horse program, and my first Quarter Horse.  I quickly gave up my rat research caretaker job at CSU that paid $9 an hour, to clean stalls and feed horses at CSU for $3 an hour. Definitely horse crazy!  During this period, I got my next job with Steve and Terry Bowes, and later Tom and Leslie Lange.  Steve amd Terry kindly introduced me to the Horse world, and Tom taught me to be tough, and to never quit my dreams. Later I joined the horse judging team, where Dr. Jim Heird was the coach. While on the team, I developed a desire for pleasure horses. Seeing Alex Ross win the world on RD Speedstick finalized it for me! A pleasure horse trainer became my career goal.

Having left college early to be a wife and mother, my 1st child, Curtis was born- and I bought a 2 year old mare from Shorty Parks in TX.  I had decided that the best way to further my career was to buy my own quality stock. Shy Mystique won me my 1st Western Pleasure ROM.
I rode Shy Mystique while I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Kaiya. I later sold Shy Mystique to a youth girl.

My next purchase was JBL Wish Me Luck, whom I  bought off of a video. He brought me 12 wins in the Open Quarter Horse Circuit, and was my first NSBA money earning horse. He also was the horse that gave me national recognition winning both the Nebraska and Iowa 3 year old Futurities, and later he became a World Champion in Western Riding with Doug Carpenter; Not bad for a video purchase!!

At this point, I had clients interested in having me locate them a horse; I found them Vested Pine. Vested Pine boosted my career In ways I never thought possible. He moved me out of the  Limited division of the NSBA in one season.  Later I bought Vested Pine from the Sirovy family, I loved him, I knew he was a great one,  and I had to have him.  He opened up a whole new chapter in my life as a Breeder.
Tina Kaven

In the ensuing years I  bought, and trained horses like Ultra Asset, Jeremy Iron, Lotto Flash, A Classy Pine, and Prinzipples Pride.  I raised  horses like Vested Faith, Britney Pine, Vested Charity and Vested Assets and rode other great horses such as Zipped Tight, Flashy Zippers Best, and Good Luck Girl. I also enjoy judging and I am honored to have judged big shows such as the Congress, The Tom Powers, and the East Coast Championship.

I have met many great people through the years and have made some wonderful lasting friendships.  I am so blessed to have an awesome family who supports and loves me every step of the way.  I’ve accomplished many of my life goals and more! I have so much to be thankful for and even more to look forward to! 




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