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Masters Win

[From the desk of Tina Kaven]: I am so grateful to everyone who contributed to making my dreams come rue with my win on 'Good Luck Girl' in this years congress masters class.

When I spotted her in the 2006 World Show Sale it was love at first sight for me, I HAD to have her... but as it turned out, I bid on her repeatedly but I didn't get the Final bid. I loved that filly so much I went over and sat with her at her stall after she sold to try and find out who the new owners were. I thought (and hoped) maybe I could convince them to put her in training with me, but no one came around for me to ask.

The next day...I was going to her stall again, when I bumped into JR Reichert, he asked me if I had room to take a horse home, I said 'yes', and he told me it was a Goodbar filly... I just looked at him and asked if it was the one that Becky Bailey had sold in the sale the night before... he affirmed it was, and he wanted to send her home for me to train! Wow! Was I thrilled! I didn't realize that I had been bidding against JR!

Through some very difficult times in the spring of '07, I knew that 'Good Luck Girl' was still waiting for me. I especially thank JR Reichert for believing in me, and staying loyal through all my trials, because thinking about the future with her and knowing that JR had faith in me, made those times easier. It really gave me something positive to strive for.

After she was broke her out, and put a really solid foundation on the Good Luck Girl, I got started! (I don't usually ride them until they are well into their training.) She seemed destined for greatness from the start. Every day I worked with her it seemed like she knew the Master Plan
from the word 'Go'... colleauges was always telling me "she looks good, keep going"

I truly enjoyed working with her... we nick-named her 'Merlot' because she is like a fine wine.

Going into, and just before, the Congress the routine was a little strange for me. It didn't seem like I was working very hard on her, and it made me wonder if I was even working hard enough. She was just so EASY - I could even ride her bridleless!

Everyone's dreams came true the night of the Masters. I knew I had a good ride, when JR, had a smile on his facewhen it was over! So I knew if I had made him happy with my ride, that I had done a pretty good job! When they called me out first I was SO thrilled! and winning the class was truly a dream come true!

Dave and Tiffani MacDonald recognized her greatness, while still at home, Dave was trying to buy her months before the Masters! I think when I let Tiffani have a ride on her, it really sold them to the fact that they had to have her! It looked like Tiffani could go show her THAT DAY! Dave finalized the purchase the day before the class! It was so exciting!

There were many people behind the scenes making it all happen as well, I would like to publicly thank JR for the training opportunty, our farrier Adam Mathews, the Vet's Donnell and Frisbee at Equine Sports Medicine, Abby Van de Kief for
all the help at Congress, and all of my cheerleading crew, including Mary Kay and Robin! And finally, the audience and the judges, for loving her as much as I do!

We are now on our way to hopefully repeat the ride at the World Show in the 2 Year Old Open Western Pleasure. We are so excited! The prelimaries go around on Tuesday the 13th of November, in Oklahoma City and in the Finals are the following day, Wednesday the 14th.

This horse and my fantastic circle of friends has taken me to places that one year ago seemed impossible. I am so greatful for this opportunity. I knew this horse was great the moment I saw her, and having these wonderful people in my life has made it all possible. Next year, Tiffani is going to show Merlot in the Non Pro Western, and I will take her in the Open WP, I know we'll have a great time!



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