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»Clinic Disk #1:  $50.00

  • Gaits Defined
  • Over Bridled
  • Heavy on the Forehand
  • Over Canted
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Strengthening
  • Helping the Lazy Step
  • Extended Jog Control
  • Maintaining Engagement
  • And More!

»Clinic Disk #2:  $50.00

  • Leg Cueing Positions
  • Softening to the Leg
  • Transitions
  • Find Your Horse's Ultimate Movement
  • Getting the Back-Up
  • And More!

»Clinic Disk #3:  $50.00

  • Bit Selection
  • Spur Selection
  • Rein & Leg Aids
  • Weave Exercise
  • Introducing Draw Reins
  • Fixing the Over Bridled Horse
  • Overcoming Anticipation
  • And More!

»Clinic Disk #4:  $50.00

  • Reverse Arc Circle
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Addressing a Fear
  • Tightening the Jog
  • Pace Control
  • Introducing the Lead Change
  • More Hock
  • Backing Off Legs
  • And More!



»Clinic Disk #5:  $50.00

  • Cueing Scale
  • Call a Time Out
  • Topline Control
  • More Stride
  • Teach Self Carriage
  • Maintaining Attention
  • Surging from Leg
  • The Perfect Transition
  • Desensitizing Horse's Sides
  • Lope to Trot
  • And More!

»Clinic Video Series - 5 DiskSet:  $200.00

»"Got Game" Training Video Series - 6 Disk Set:  $200.00

»"Got Game" Training Video Series & Clinic Video Series Combination - 11 Disk Set: $380.00
»Leg Control Video:  $44.95
This video is not part of the "Got Game" or Clinic Series.

Please be considerate - The DVD's are intended for
individual/per family use only !!

Thank you so very much, Tina Kaven

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Client Testimonials

Hi Tina,
Just wanted to let you know that I have really been putting your videos to use and today I put 7 points on my horse in the pleasure at the weekend horse show!
It was really great and fun, its always fun when you are winning, right??
Hope you are well!


Tina, just wanted to let you know I finally had a chance to watch your entire DVD library!! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with me! I thoroughly enjoyed the video and found myself watching segments over and over again. This is just the information I had been searching for - for years - but was never able to attain it! Thank you for sharing with the rest of the world and working diligently to make western pleasure a better class for everyone - judges, riders, spectators and mostly for the horses!! Your methods are simple and common sense! Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding our "pony Express" mail delivery!I think we need more of you in Canada!!

Laura Martin
Edam, Saskatchewan, CANADA
Painted River Ranch

“We have watched and supported Tina for years on their road to success. This long awaited video outlines their outstanding training program based on dressage, experience and their extreme knowledge and insight into the mind of a
Steyskal Quarter Horses
Stan and Mary Kay Steyskal

“I did not want to let a day go by without thanking you for your wonderful hospitality. Thank you for explaining WHY you did everything. I am used to trainers telling us WHAT to do, but then when we ask why, no one seems to know. You guys were great! Many thanks.”
Karen & Marty Heintz

“I just wanted to let you know I thought the clinic was
AWESOME. I have never learned so much in such a short
period of time. Thank you so much for putting on the clinic.
I am certainly glad I decided to come.”
Marilyn Lindenschmidt

My name is Kelly and I have shown horses for over 10 years. I ran into a problem with my horses jog, very uncadenced and lazy, and was trying to get opinions from people on what they have done in a similar situation. Tina just happened to be on's forum and saw my question and responded to me that he thought his and Tina's video series would help this problem as well as others I may encounter. I was eager to get these videos because we had our biggest show of the year quickly approaching, and if I didn't address this issue, was not going to be able to attend. Well, the video came and my trainer worked on these exercises and wow did they work! This video offered a plethora of knowledge in various areas, allowing you to get an up to date perspective on what the judges are looking for in todays pleasure horse. They helped so much in fact, that my horse came home a World Champion, and a two time Reserve World Champion!!!!!
Thank you so much Tina I am very grateful for what these videos taught us.



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