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From the time Tina was able to walk, Tina's life has been dominated her life.Tina, and Family moved from Colorado to Gordonville in 1997.Horse and Rider

Tina started training for the public full-time in 1990, and breeding Quarter Horses in 1991. Much of their beginning was with horses they purchased for themselves, including JBL Wish Me Luck, who later became a World Champion Western Riding Horse with Superiors both in Open and Amateur Pleasure.


In 1992,Tina made the purchase of Vested Pine, a yearling stud colt they spotted at Dan and Carol McWhirters, for Loel and Merla Sirovy. The following spring, under their tutelage, Vested Pine began his show career.

Along with JBL Wish Me Luck and Vested Pine, Tina bought and trained horses like Lotto Flash--who eventually became a Hall of Fame Inductee, and Ultra Asset, Jeremy Iron--Superior Hunter Under Saddle.  Their breeding program has produced horses like Vested Faith--also Hall of Fame Inductee, A Classy Pine--Reserve World Champion, Britney Pine--Multiple World and Congress Champion, Lopin So Pine--Reserve Congress Champion, and many more....and we haven't even mentioned all of our wonderful client horses that have become famous over the Good Luck Girl--2007 Masters Champion (owned by JR Reichert), Cutielicious-- 4th Reichert 2 yo $250,000, and so many more!!!

In 2007, Tina was inducted into the NSBA Hall of Fame for earning over $250,000.00 in NSBA earnings! 

Tina was also an AQHA and NSBA carded judge, and have judged such shows as the Ohio Quarter Horse Congress and the Scottsdale Classic, and have judged all over the world!  Tina loves to travel, and has had a wonderful time doing clinics for people in every country and Canada!

Due to health reasons, Tina has changed her focus to her Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.  Tina's desire is to take her dogs to the same level of quality that she did with her horses!  Her days are now spent Feeding, Cleaning, Grooming and Training her dogs, and always trying to further her knowledge and the quality of her dogs in this new venture!  Her love of animals continues to be what her life is about!

Continuing education is something Tina enjoys greatly. Expanding her knowledge of dogs and dog breeding, she keeps up with the latest practices to insure all her dogs are cared for with the best available resources.


PDF AKC Breeding Basics
PDF AKC ABC's of Dog Breeding Part 2
PDF AKC Keeping Your Breeding Program In Compliance
PDF AKC Whelping & Medical Intervention Course


 Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to get their horse to the next level.  Tina has a unique approach to her clinics – her  use of technology and discussion forums help to foster an incredible amount of improvement in a very short time frame.  I have participated in two 10-rider clinics as well as a private clinic, and have benefitted from all.  Tina is an incredibly talented horseman, and I wish her my best!

~Jill Voss

Hi Tina,

I so enjoyed being a spectator at your Nebraska clinic, even though business commitments caused me to see Day Two of the first two day clinic, then Day One of the second. Not to matter! Both days were filled with terrific information. Your presentation was clear, concise, and made sense to the rider. Applying your techniques will greater increase positive communication between me and my horse, an essential part of any good working relationship.
Thank you for bringing your knowledge and experience to share with us Cornhuskers! Come back soon!

Denise Maryanski

Judy Pryor wrote:
"Tina the reason I tagged you on the pic of Naturally Golden,,,,he is a brother to the mare I kept for me to  ride,,,,I know you win all the time ,,,but I am home raising horses,,,,so when one is res. w. champion,,,,,,I go nuts,,,,we also got a w. champion in the walk trot class with a 9 year old riding br a deck smoothie...I had so much fun at your clinic that it was a tough week with all the rain.....rode last night and my mare DOES RESPOND to the TOOLS you gave move over I will take you on at the shows.........HA HA...i am full of it,,,,,you were so good to everyone that they all talk of you now as their best friend,,,,that is huge,,,, as well as it shows you truly care that we all got something from your clinic,,,love,,,compassion,,,and a whole lot of knowledge,,,,oops and plenty of good food shared with the best people in the whole world,,,,,horse lovers,,,,,hugs,,,,and a big thank you"


NSBA Hall of Fame



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