Kaven Ranch

"MY" Wheaten Terrier Program

My Wheatens originated with Jerry Jobe- who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Close to the end, he generously decided to pass his Wheaten Legacy on to me.

Cissy and Cinnamon

Jerry gave to me, the "Cream of the Crop", the  "Best of the Best", from the Beautiful  Wheatens that he had devoted over 30 years of his life to-
At that time, I don't think that Jerry, or me had any idea how that legacy would save my life!

Only a few months later, I suffered severe riding injuries, including trauma to my head- I was later diagnosed with Epilepsy, and.PTSD- along with a host of other issues!  Now, I am with my dogs all the time, in my home, yard, and on the ranch! They have become my love, my therapy- and they have given me goals to strive for!

I strive for Excellence, the same way I did with my World and Congress Champion Horses!
I continue to improve my blood lines in every way, the best that I can! 

Health, Temperament, Trainability, Structure and Conformation-Hair coat (after all, it is the "SOFT COATED") Wheaten!!

 I include energy level in these qualities- I strive for a Level-Headed Temperament (the Least "Terrier like of the Terriers), a dog smart enough and easy enough to maintain and work on a farm.

My dogs are under constant veterinary care and guidance, they have, or are in the process of all kinds of testing, kept completely current on all worming and vaccinations, and fed a premium diet.

When you come to visit....

I keep most of my dogs in a short puppy cut or (shaved cut in summer), because they run and play like dogs do!  They get in the mud, they play where I wish they wouldn't play, they get down and dirty, and what about those Texas burrs....ugh!  I have 2 acres now to play on, and they find stuff to get into!  I can't keep all of them in "show" condition, so, I trim them short and let them run!  So when you visit, don't be surprised at the short haircuts!!  I do keep a few of them in tip top show type cuts, just so that you can see what we are producing!


Genetics are a big consideration for me here at the ranch.  Without strong diversification in genetics, the health and strength of the individuals will deteriorate.  I have taken great care to test my individuals health, temperament, and physically- as to what they bring to the table in the breed and to my group of dogs.  I have periodically used  linebreeding  in order to have a biologically superior dog to cross onto the males and females that I have imported from Europe, to diversify the genes and for the hybrid vigor that is a result.  The consistent Homozygous Negative results for the PLN alleles in my dogs only strengthen my case in point.  This brings the best dogs to you in health, beauty, strength, temperament, and trainability.  

Diversification is of ultimate importance, and it is our goal to arrive at that point.   


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