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Please contact us about our puppies.
We only have a few litters a year and our selection is very limited.  

Our approach to breeding is an emphasis on quality, intelligence, and the promotion of sound health standards.


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My dogs have an uncanny ability to sense the feelings of their family - and seem to adjust themselves accordingly at the time. They seem to have a "gift" of knowing moods- and what type of behavior is suitable for the moment, and they have always lifted my heart, no matter what is going on for me that day!!! ~ Tina Kaven

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Continuing education is something I greatly enjoy. Expanding my knowledge of dogs and dog breeding, I  keep up with the latest practices to insure all her dogs are cared for with the best available resources.



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From Tina Kaven:
"I typically have a long waiting list for my pups - but I believe that they are truly worth the wait!
  I spend a LOT of time socializing, playing with, and loving the Babies, in addition,  I like to begin some basic obedience skills where I can, that includes potty training!  This means that "Your Pup" may stay with me a bit longer than 8-10 weeks to assure mutual Happiness between You and Baby, in addition, I make sure to take special care for any Disabled and small Children that are adopting."

We have two nurseries (climate controlled) attached to our house with large windows for monitoring the mamas and babies!


"Oliver"  Is getting ready to have his first Birthday and I am
celebrating it by taking him on his favorite outing which is camping with our horse's.  We are so in love with this dog and this breed! I have never owned a dog with such a personality. He is about 40 lbs. now yet his best friend and playmate is our 100# Great pyr!

He loves to swim in our pool (even when it is cold outside) and he can run really fast and he gets in such a hurry that he leaaps like a rabbit :-)
He goes to work with me  almost everyday and my customers just love him.

Thank you for your part in responsible breeding of this wonderful breed.
~Gina Matejowsky

Today Oliver and I attended a small local horse event in Farmersville, TX. Oliver got a LOT of attention with his personality and oblivious good looks ;-). There were two people there that have scwt! but they said they had to have the pups shipped to them from the East as there are no reputable breeders in this area, sooo after fishing Oliver out of the horse trough he was swimming in ;-), I gave them your information, I hope when they are ready for another one of these awesome dogs they will give you a call. I am really loving this little crazy dog!!

Gina Matejowsky

I bought my puppy Oliver from you in early June and started taking him to work with me at my Kwik Kar lube oil store and about a week later one of customers fell in love with him so I gave her your name and webpage but really didn't think she would get a SCWT, and I found out today that she did! She is a teacher here in Denison her name is Beverly Hatfield, I just wanted to share my limited experience with these wonderful dogs and I am so thrilled that she got one.

I will continue handing out your name and info for anyone else that shows in interest in my little guy.
He is getting neutered tomorrow :-O.

Gina Matejowsky

We wanted a calm, but playful, sweet puppy. I found Tina Kaven online and she called me back right away! She was so helpful and it was AWESOME to be able to see pictures of the puppies from almost the day they were born! I explained our situation--I'm a stay-at-home rancher's wife, and we don't have any kids, yet. ;) I requested a cuddly, calm, sweet girl whoDogs would be content with staying inside with me while I cook, etc, but also love to go for walks and play around on the ranch. Tina found THE GIRL!! She is SO SWEET, but playful with a sense of humor. She loves to sleep in late! I usually have to call her out of the bedroom in the morning to eat her breakfast; she'll definitely sleep as last as I want to! She LOVES new people, especially kids! She is VERY smart, and understands almost all her commands. "Let's go get in the car!", "Let's go to bed!", "Want to go outside?", "Sit", "Come", "Down", "Off", and more. She is great with all dogs, and LOVES her 'cousin' Brody -- a beautiful border collie. She gets a little bit of an 'attitude' if she thinks I've been gone too long (I occasionally sub at the school). But is my best bud again when we get to bond for the afternoon! (I was a little afraid that because these dogs love everyone, she wouldn't be that bonded with me; but she is definitely MY dog! :))
I flew to Texas to get her and it was great to meet Tina and our puppy's mother and father! Tina has a beautiful yard for the dogs with an air conditioned 'kennel' for mother and pups. My sweet girl did PHENOMENAL on the plane ride back to Montana. No whining, kept her crate clean, and of course, everyone LOVED her!! She was perfectly crate trained when we got her, any accidents were my fault for letting her have so much freedom. :( She is now completely house trained, and asks to go outside when she needs to go. Also, I was very surprised to find her very responsive to the word "no" from the very first day. (Even when said in a calm tone) She was not a bad chewer AT ALL and kept to her toys after one or two reminders.
I love that she doesn't shed, and her eyelashes are to die for! She is a beautiful dog and everyone loves her and asks where I got such a calm, beautiful, cute, sweet puppy. She is SO calm, watching everyone around her and getting up to play when she wants to. She is truly a great dog! These puppies deserve a loving family/pack with patience, time to spend with them, a bed in the house ;), and lots of LOVE! :)
Thank you, Tina for providing such an amazing companion!
~Aubri and Casey

"Finn has arrived safe!
He makes us laugh so hard, our poor Clancy is worn out already. Finn has such energy!
He definitely loves his toys, he makes a pile of them in the living room.
Thank you so much for your wonderful training, he already used the doggie door twice to go outside to go potty.
That is amazing! He is such a happy puppy too!" 
~ Lisa Lambrix

Linda and I got Khaki 6 weeks ago. Tina Kaven could not have done a better job. We think this little girl is perfect. She is smart, calm, and easily trained. If you are in the market for one of these little friends you could do no better than to purchasing one on Tina's puppies.

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Info on dog friendly airlines, fees, rules, requirements, and all other pertinent information!

I have put down my deposit for my puppy... What next?

1.  Keep checking back with me (text is easiest) to see the photo and video updates!
2.  Start to make your decisions on what is important to you and your family for your life long companion!!
3.  We will take care of Contracts,,Vet Certificates, Paperwork, and so forth when you pick up your Baby!!

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